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    On the Topic of Experience


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    On the Topic of Experience Empty On the Topic of Experience

    Post by James on Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:48 pm

    Given that you can only increase a stat once per story, I'm not too worried about having a running total of experience since sessions are hard to gauge on a continuous story thread. I will give out XP at the end of each arc (and depending on many real life variables will be 1 or 2 for this online thread) in one lump sum. However, if there is an ability you'd like to gain or increase, let me know here and I'll tell you if you can afford it, and will adjust your end sum accordingly.

    In story, if you're picking up Obtenebration, you'd likely do it between stories anyway, but if you were to say, want a point in survival after sneaking around through the woods a few times, its only natural that you get better at it while you're doing it rather than in your down time.

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