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    Which Disciplines are Noticeable?


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    Which Disciplines are Noticeable? Empty Which Disciplines are Noticeable?

    Post by James on Tue Jul 15, 2014 1:23 pm

    This is less of a house rule because it doesn't change anything in the book, only expands on it. The term "Supernaturals" is used in here to mean any being that can be a type of player in the WoD. Including Vampires, Werewolves, Hunters, Magi, Wraiths, Changlings, and so on. For this purpose, the Society of Leopold count as Mortal and their ability to know if an event is supernatural will be determined on a case by case basis. Disciplines with no explanation needed will use the Magi terms "Vulgar" and "Subtle" to describe if its use can be detected or not. Vulgar typically means "Viewers will be suspicious."

    Feral Whispers - Onlookers will suspect something supernatural is happening, but only Supernaturals will know for sure. If used on an awakened Animal or a Lunatic, they will instantly know something is different. If the kindred elects to speak in the animals voice, obvious results occur (ie, you look very odd).
    Beckoning  - Vulgar.
    Quell the Beast - Vulgar to onlookers, Subtle to the target. Supernaturals will be aware that a power was used on them after the effect subsides, mortals will only remember that they were not "themselves" but will not understand why unless it has been used on them before.
    Subsume the Spirit - Subtle.
    Drawing Out the Beast - Subtle.

    through ••• - Subtle.
    Telepathy - Reading is Subtle, projecting is Vulgar unless disguised, see rules.
    Psychic Projection - Subtle.

    Very Vulgar at 3 or higher. If a character has 5 ranks, but only spends 2 blood points activating it, it is still Subtle... barely.

    The power of Illusion is inherently Subtle by its nature, but can be used to replicate a Supernatural event.

    • through ••• - Subtle.
    Voice of Madness - Vulgar to onlookers, Subtle to victim. If target is Supernatural, Subtle if successful.
    Total Insanity - Vulgar to onlookers, Subtle to victim until cured.

    Command - Subtle to Mortals. Subtle to Supernaturals if successful. Onlookers depend on the particular use. 
    Mesmerize - Subtle. Triggered actions at a later time can be overt but their source will remain Subtle.
    The Forgetful Mind - Inherently Subtle.
    Conditioning - Subtle.
    Possession - Subtle, but suspicious.

    Vulgarity is determined by # of successes, and scales on a case by case basis dependent on the source of the damage.

    Some of these are Subtle, but not many. Too many to list and you aren't likely to pick it up I imagine.

    Depends on its use. Most often will be Subtle. If used to disappear after rounding a corner during a chase it could be vulgar.
    Vanish form the Mind's Eye - Very Vulgar.

    Vulgar at all but the first rank.

    Vulgar any time its use produces 2 or more successes than your physical frame should be capable of. For example, if you have 2 ranks and a 2 strength, but only roll 2 success (or zero and take 2 automatic by spending blood) it is Subtle.

    Individual uses of Presence are Subtle, though those who know of a particular Kindred's habbits would be aware that he is trained in this particular Discipline by stories of its repeated use.

    Vulgar. So Vulgar.

    • and •• - Subtle.
    Dragons Call - Very Vulgar.
    Baal's Caress - Vulgar during activation unless only 1 blood point is spent. Subtle while applied to a weapon unless a significant amount of blood is used (more blood than damage dice of the weapon). All aggravated wounds on mortals are Vulgar in themselves, however.
    Taste of Death - Very Vulgar.

    Very Vulgar at all ranks.

    See: Necromancy.

    Ranging from Subtle to Terrifyingly Vulgar in application.

    All other Disciplines are both unavailable to the player, and too rare to be identified upon witness by the player.

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